May 31, 2018 - 12:00pm

University of Leeds

Please view the Conference Panels below and send your paper abstracts to the Convenor(s) (max. 250 words). We also welcome individual paper submissions that do not fit into the current panels - please email with these submissions or any questions. 

Format for Abstracts: Please submit your abstracts as a Word document with the following format: Title of abstract, Your name, institution & email address, Body of abstract (max. 250 words). 

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Conference Panels

Panels and Convenors are listed below - click on the titles for details.

Politics and Good Governance

Is there a 'Leeds School' of Southeast Asian Political Studies? (Duncan McCargo)

Political Ideologies in Southeast Asia (Michael Connors) 

The Effects of Authoritarianism on Human Rights and Press Freedom (Tom Smith)

How to Rule with an Iron Fist: Legitimating Authoritarianism in Southeast Asia (Erwin S Fernandez)

External Actors and New Challenges in Southeast Asia (Erza Killian)

Civil Society and Political Participation in Democratic Indonesia: New Trends, Old Challenges (Nawawi)

What's So Good about Good Governance? Alternative Understandings in Southeast Asia (Petra Desatova)

Crime & Maritime Piracy in Southeast Asia (Giacomo Morabito & Roberto Musotto)

The Belt and Road Initiative across the Indian Ocean: Activities and Repercussions of China’s Strategic Initiative from Southeast Asia to Africa (Arndt Graf, Alfred Gerstl & Maria Strasakova)

Contested notions of 'Chineseness' in Cold War Southeast Asia (Jeremy Taylor & Xu Lanjun)

Myanmar’s Systemic Transformation: Before and After 2015 (Michal Lubina)

Civil Society and Authoritarianism in Cold War Southeast Asia (Sean Fear)

Roundtable on Cambodia's politics (Duncan McCargo)

Roundtable on Indonesia's politics (Adam Tyson)


Sustainable and Equitable Development

Agency from the margins: modern transformations among the Hmong of upland South East Asia (Seb Rumsby)

Discourses of development in Laos (Sonemany Nigole & Phill Wilcox)

Changing aid in Southeast Asia: peer-to-peer, private and Inter-Asian Approaches (Anne-Meike Fechter & Deirdre McKay)

Social Inclusion and Public Services (Ghazala Mir, Bui Ha, Tolib Mirzoev, Doan Duong)

Beyond Water Terror: Everyday Life, Labour and Mobility under SEA’s Changing Hydrology (Laurie Parsons)

Facilitating equitable and just Southeast Asian coastal socio-ecological systems (Rachael Carrie & Claire Quinn)

Wilderness and Protected Areas: social and cultural perspectives on nature and wildness in Southeast Asia (Stephen Carver & Yue Cao)

Is Palm Oil a Force for Good? Normative and Evidence-Based Approaches to Commodity Branding in Indonesia (Adam Tyson & Rory Padfield)

Finance and Development in Southeast Asia (Sandar Win & Lena Rethel)

Cultural Heritage and Cultural Production

Southeast Asian Manuscript Studies: Past & Future (Mulaika Hijjas & Liubov Goriaeva)

Southeast Asia and World Literature (Nazry Bahrawi)

Cultural Heritage, Cultural Production and Performing Arts in Southeast Asia (Margaret Coldiron)

Documentation and Performative Practices in Contemporary Southeast Asian Art (Eva Bentcheva & Annie Jael Kwan)

Exploring religion, piety and spirituality as empowering forces in Southeast Asia (Diego Garcia Rodriguez)

Southeast Asian Funerary Material Culture (Jessica Rahardjo)

Language in Southeast Asia: between cultural heritage and cultural production (Patrizia Pacioni)

Cultural Heritage and Sustainable Development: Policy, Management and Safeguarding in Vietnam (Bui Hoai Son & Nguyen Thi Hien)

Early Southeast Asia: New Perspectives and Paradigms (Erwin S. Fernandez)


Southeast Asian Transformations: New Researcher Perspectives (Dan Whitehouse & Deirdre McKay)

Early Career Researchers Mentoring Workshop (May Tan-Mullins)

Building Global Research from Southeast Asia: Bidding for Grants (Mark Johnson)

How to Get Published (Duncan McCargo)

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