Podcast - The Rohingya Crisis: "Myanmar's Enemy Within" with Francis Wade

In this podcast with NYSEAN partner Carnegie Council, Devin Stewart talks to author Francis Wade about the historical background to the persecution of the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar and gives a first-hand account of the tragic situation now.

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The New York Times
Myanmar Peace Talks Begin, High in Symbolism and in Skepticism

Myanmar Peace Talks Begin, High in Symbolism and in Skepticism


Interview: On the United Nations and Youth Policy in Myanmar

It is often difficult for members of local organisations to voice their concerns, especially about the shortcomings of international aid agency approaches. They may rely on funding partnerships,...

Frontier Myanmar
Law reform: A daunting challenge

Law Reform: A Daunting Challenge

A commission headed by former parliament speaker Thura U Shwe Mann has been reviewing the nation’s laws, but some say more clarity – and consultation – is needed from the government on its legal...


Interview: Reflections from a Kachin NGO

An interview conducted by Mary Pham in Myitkyina, Kachin State, Myanmar for Paung Ku Forum.

As part of our World Humanitarian Day series the PK Forum talks with a staff...

Washington Monthly
Genocide in Burma

Washington Monthly Explores the Genocide in Burma 

The Rohingya may well be the most persecuted people on the planet, and nobody, including the United States, is lifting a finger to help.

Burma's Transition to Democracy: A Francis Fukuyama Conversation with Larry Diamond

On April 5, CDDRL Director Francis Fukuyama held an interview with FSI Senior Fellow Larry Diamond on Burma's recent elections and it's ongoing transition to democracy. Particularly, Diamond...

Journal of Democracy
Burma Votes for Change

Burma Votes for Change: The Challenges Ahead

Igor Blazevic, a human-rights activist who has run transition-to-democracy courses in Burma for political and civil society activists, discusses the political challenges ahead for Burma after the...

Faces of Shwedagon

Visiting Burma again in July 2015, I became quite fascinated by people’s faces. I made several trips to the Shwedagon Pagoda in Rangoon at different times of day, taking nearly five hundred...



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