Saigoneer: “[Photos] 30 Images of 1975 Saigon”

On April 30, Vietnam marked 41 years since the end of the American War. While Saigon has changed dramatically in those four decades, transforming into the economic heart of the country as well as its most modern metropolis, April 30, 1975 was a fateful day for the city's residents – and, of course, the country as a whole. Though much of Saigon's history does not exist on film or on paper, this day – and the months which followed – were well-documented in the city. Thanks to diligent Flickr user manhhai, here are 30 images of Saigon which tell, in part, the story of April 30, 1975 and the following months.

Saigoneer [Photos] 30 Images of 1975 Saigon