In Cambodia, 'democracy' is just a term... - Sophorn Sek and Devin T. Stewart

Phnom Penh-based human rights lawyer Sophorn Sek discusses the state of his nation's governance in this eye-opening interview. From corruption and nepotism to suspicious murders of government critics to tension over the role of China, Cambodia is facing a challenging time. 

Democracy and the Deep State in Myanmar - Maureen Aung-Thwin and Devin T. Stewart

In this fascinating interview, Maureen Aung-Thwin, founder of the Burma Project at Open Society Foundations, describes how the Project helped Burma's transition to democracy starting in 1993, and what the situation is today. Our aim was to put ourselves out of a job, says Aung-Thwin, and you could say we succeeded—but there's still a lot of work to do. 

Duterte's Drug War and Human Rights in the Philippines and Southeast Asia - Phelim Kine and Devin T. Stewart

President Duterte has created a human rights calamity, says Phelim Kine of Human Rights Watch. In just over over eight months, 7,000 of the poorest, most marginalized Filipinos have been killed. What's needed is a UN special investigation. Without one, and without sustained exposure of these killings, things are only going to get worse.