January 31, 2019 (All day)


Research Opportunity:


Apply for an opportunity to participate in a research project led by Dotan Haim (American University), Renard Sexton (Princeton) and Yuhki Tajima (Georgetown). We will be hiring 2-3 graduate-level research assistants. The project is funded by UNDP and will evaluate PAMANA, a large infrastructure development program in the Philippines that targets areas affected by conflict (both the NPA and Moro conflicts). More info on PAMANA can be found on their website (http://peace.gov.ph/2016/11/payapa-masaganang-pamayanan-pamana/). On its face, this is a program evaluation, but we view it as an opportunity to explore a variety of research questions relating to insurgency and development at the micro-level.


The project involves three modes of data collection, which include a large (~3,000 N) representative survey in areas affected by conflict, 5-10 qualitative case studies conducted by local researchers, and access to new, exciting administrative data on conflict provided by the Philippine Government and partner agencies. The project will run from January 2019 (starting ASAP) through at least July 2019. As part of this process, research assistants will have the following opportunities and benefits: 1) funding to cover at least 1-2 months in the Philippines (more if desired), 2) free reign to add questions to the survey (within reason) that could be used for their own research, 3) payment as a research assistant for 6+ months, 4) access to data that's collected as part of the project, 5) coauthorship on any papers that come out of this project and to which you contribute significantly. 


In terms of expectations, the team of research assistants would be responsible for 1) putting together four policy reports for the UNDP, 2) making at least one research trip to the Philippines, 3) helping in-country research staff oversee a team of local researchers who would conduct qualitative case studies, and 4) facilitating quantitative data collection with different Philippines government agencies. 


Due to the nature of the work, this opportunity would be a good fit for both quantitative OR qualitative researchers at any stage of their graduate careers. We are open to people who have experience researching the Philippines, but also to those who are interested in expanding their work to the Philippines. Language skills are a bonus but by no means required. Please reach out as soon as possible to Dotan Haim (dhaim2@gmail.com) to express interest and set up a time to chat about the project in further detail. 

Hosted by: 

  • American University
  • Princeton University
  • Georgetown University