Asia Times: Finish line for century-old Bangkok horse track

A jockey rests between races at Bangkok's Royal Turf Club, August 5, 2018. Photo: Duncan McCargo

NYSEAN Co-Founder Duncan McCargo reports on the closing of Bangkok's military-affiliated Royal Turf Club after 102 years of racing. 

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Rising conservatism in M’sian Islam not just from Arabisation

Rising conservatism in M’sian Islam not just from Arabisation

A useful analysis of the rising conservatism in Malaysian Islam. The author argues that blaming Wahhabism misses just as important local and political reasons. 

Washington Monthly
Genocide in Burma

Washington Monthly Explores the Genocide in Burma 

The Rohingya may well be the most persecuted people on the planet, and nobody, including the United States, is lifting a finger to help.

Carnegie Council
Islam and Pluralism in Indonesia

Podcast on Islam and Pluralism in Indonesia 

Devin Stewart of the Carnegie Council discusses Islam, democracy and challenges in contemporary politics in Indonesia with Margaret Scott.

Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict
Rebuilding after Communal Violence: Lessons from Tolikara, Papua

Rebuilding After Communal Violence in Papua

Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict takes a look at what has happened since violence broke out in Tolikara, Papua.

    Military Training Civilians to Protect Against Perceived Threats to Nation

    Military Training Civilians to Protect Against Perceived Threats to Nation

    The Guardian
    ‘17,000 Islands of Imagination’: Discovering Indonesian Literature

    ‘17,000 Islands of Imagination’: Discovering Indonesian Literature

    Asia Foundation
    Imperatives for Peace Face New President in the Philippines

    Imperatives for Peace Face New President in the Philippines

    As the campaign period for the May 9 Philippine general elections comes to a close, increasing numbers of Bangsamoro peace process advocates are pushing national and local candidates for more...

    [Photos] 30 Images of 1975 Saigon

    [Photos] 30 Images of 1975 Saigon

    On April 30, Vietnam marked 41 years since the end of the American War. While Saigon has changed dramatically in those four decades, transforming into the economic heart of the...




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    Society — Sample teaching cases

    Title Author(s) Publisher Pub Datesort ascending Revised
    Modern Muslim Movement: The Jakarta Monorail Univeristy of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance: Electronic Hallway 24 Jun 2018
    Jakarta Under Water: Keeping Riverside Communities and the Rest of the City Dry Aichida Ul-Aflaha, Younghun Kim, & Yaser Ahmed Univeristy of Washington Evans School of Public Policy and Governance: Electronic Hallway 1 Jan 2018
    The Philippines
    Title Author(s) Publisher Pub Datesort ascending Revised
    Let’s PUMP—It Up—PINAS!!! Gregorio Mabbagu WDI Publishing 10 Mar 2017

    Society — Sample teaching cases

    Sorry, no Teaching Cases are available for %term.