November 14, 2017 - 3:00pm

International Affairs Building (IAB) 918, Columbia University, 420 West 118th Street, New York, NY 10027

While the crisis in Myanmar has been growing in the international community's consciousness, there is a lack of understanding of the roots of the conflict.

While the crisis in Myanmar has attracted significant international attention, there is a lack of understanding of the roots of the conflict. To better understand  what humanitarian solutions are desirable and feasible, an understanding of the historical and regional contexts of Burma is necessary.

In the first part of our discussion, we will explore the systematic othering of Rohingya and the growing fear of Islam in the country. In the second half, we will discuss  the potential role that regional neighbors should play. Currently, ASEAN nations have not been active in resolution efforts, and the burden of handling the Rohingya refugees has fallen to Bangladesh.

Panelists:- Francis Wade, acclaimed journalist and author of "Myanmar’s Enemy Within: Buddhist Violence and the Making of a Muslim “Other”- Mayesha Alam, author of "Women and Transitional Justice: Progress and Persistent Challenges in Retributive and Restorative Processes"- Elliott Prasse-Freeman, Founding Research Fellow at Harvard's Carr Center for Human Rights Policy’s “Human Rights and Social Movements Program”

Hosted by: 

  • HAWG
  • Weatherhead East Asia Institute