New Books Network Podcasts on Southeast Asia

The New York Southeast Asia Network is partnering with the New Books Network, a consortium of podcasts, and will offer links to its podcast on books about Southeast Asia. The podcast is dedicated to introducing serious readers to serious authors, and a new podcast appears about once a month. Click here to listen to our first featured podcast. 

Nick Cheesman, currently a member of the Institute of Advance Studies, Princeton, interviews Jayde Lin Roberts on the renaissance of scholarship on Burma, or Myanmar. Her book,  Mapping Chinese Rangoon: Place and Nation among the Sino-Burmese (University of Washington Press, 2016), is a bellwether of exciting new books to come, and a model for how they might be done. Although Roberts completed much of her research for the book back under military dictatorship in the 2000s, she explores and situates the Sino-Burmese in downtown Rangoon, or Yangon, in a manner that anticipates and responds to the political changes of the 2010s, and with them, the current ethnographic turn towards Burma. These podcasts can also be found on iTunes.