After Ahok: The Islamist Agenda in Indonesia

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The latest report from NYSEAN's partner, the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict (IPAC), examines the organizational components of the Islamist alliance that brought down the Jakarta governor in 2012. The so-called 212 Movement is made up of Salafi-inspired activists, led by Bachtiar Nasir, and conservative traditionalists, represented by Islamic Defenders Front (Front Pembela Islam, FPI). The report analyzes how they came together, what they want in terms of political and social change and why they fell out. “The Islamists have shown they can mobilize huge numbers of demonstrators if they can persuade the mainstream that their faith is under attack,” says Sidney Jones, IPAC director. “The challenge for the Indonesian government is how to manage them as a legitimate political voice without capitulating to their most strident elements or trampling on minority rights.”

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Download the report as a PDF here: IPAC Report No. 44