Ward Keeler on New Books Network Podcast


Authored by French scholar Guillaume Rozenberg, and now available in English thanks to the work of Ward Keeler, The Immortals: Faces of the Incredible in Buddhist Burma is the second in a planned tetralogy on the extraordinary in Burmese Buddhism. Variously a thrilling narrative of raining coconuts and candles, a how-to guide for budding alchemists, and an account of people rendering their bodies impervious to swords and blows, at its twists and turns The Immortals also offers uncommon insights into the relationship of belief to political and social order.

Ward Keeler joins New Book in Southeast Asian Studies to discuss skepticism and believing, vulnerability and masculinity, public order and military rule, Melford Spiro and the study of supernaturalism, anthropology’s crisis in representation, expository French style and the third person as rhetorical device, and language learning as anthropological exercise.

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