ASPI Report: Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative

WATCH: Asia Society Policy Institute Vice President Daniel Russel outlines several concrete steps China can take to produce better outcomes for its signature Belt and Road Initiative. (5 min., 11 sec.)

Launched in 2013, China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a highly ambitious development effort that would sew together infrastructure projects across more than 70 countries. Estimated to comprise of more than USD $1 trillion in Chinese investment, the BRI is arguably China's broadest economic engagement effort with the rest of the world — enhancing its connectivity through Southeast, South, Central, and West Asia; Africa; Europe; and South America.

The Asia Society Policy Institute project – Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative – examines BRI with the aim of setting forth actionable recommendations for how China and partner countries can help ensure that BRI projects yield beneficial and sustainable developmental, economic, environmental, civic, and social outcomes.

The project includes a report by the same name (available for download as a PDF below) as well as an interactive visualization of 12 recommended practices and their specific implementation steps, intended outcomes, and relevant Chinese and international precedents. Explore it here.

PDF: Navigating the Belt and Road Initiative