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Enhancing America’s Reservoir of Goodwill in Southeast Asia

  • Asia Society 725 Park Avenue New York, NY, 10021 (map)

2017 marks the 40th anniversary of U.S.-ASEAN relations, but the countries that make up the dynamic, stable, and increasingly wealthy ASEAN alliance share anxieties over the possibility of U.S. disengagement from the region. There is diminishing confidence in a sustained American commitment to ASEAN, even as both sides maintain strong economic ties — the U.S. is the largest source of investment for ASEAN, and ASEAN is the United States’ fourth largest trading partner. This comes at a time when China’s influence and activism in the region is growing.

Join us for a discussion with Professor Kishore Mahbubani and Daniel Russel on how the U.S. — an architect and guarantor of the post-World War II global order — can restore its global standing by reversing the perception of disengagement from the Asia-Pacific region.

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