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The Future of Asia: Voices of the Next Generation

  • Kellogg Center, Room 1512, Columbia University 420 West 118th Street New York, NY, 10027 United States (map)
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Based on the chapter titled “The Future of Asia and Role of the United States” from the “Asian Views on America’s Role in Asia” report, five speakers address the issue of Asian-American relations by representing their respective sub-regions-South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Northeast Asia. Asia’s transformation presents challenges and opportunities at international, regional, and domestic levels. A key to a peaceful, prosperous Asia in the 21st century is good relations between the United States and China. But other challenges exist: nuclear proliferation, maritime security, terrorism, environmental degradation, natural disasters, food security, cyber-security, and social and gender inequality, among others. Social transformation is outpacing political and institutional reform in many Asian countries, and the widening gap between state and society is a potent force for change. How will Asians address these challenges over the next one to two decades? What role are Asian women playing in this transformation? How should the United States help Asian societies benefit from their emerging future? With 60 percent of the world’s youth living in Asia, these questions will have significant ramifications for future economic growth, technological innovation, and political development in the region.

The event is sponsored by the Weatherhead East Asian Institute, The School of International and Public Affairs, The Asia Foundation, The New York Southeast Asia Network and The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Study Center.

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