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Anthropology Colloquium: Meng Hang

  • McGraw Hall, 215, Cornell University 740-750 University Avenue Ithaca, NY, 14850 United States (map)

Limited Choices and Infinite Possibilities: How to Extricate East Asia and Southeast Asia from the Global Cultural Predicament

This lecture will reconsider the socio-historical processes of East Asia and Southeast Asia, their interconnectedness with the rest of the world and also shed light on these questions:

  • What global cultural dilemmas are human societies facing?

  • Why do these kinds of global cultural predicament arise?

  • What's the role of East Asia and Southeast Asia in global trends?

  • How can East Asia and Southeast Asia be extricated from the global cultural predicament?

  • What possible answers or solutions could anthropology give to these questions?

Dr. Meng Hang is an associate professor of anthropology and an interdisciplinary writer in China. His research interests focus on social and cultural change in China, East Asia, Southeast Asia, Inner Asia and the West, history of anthropology, cultural studies, intercultural dialogue, ethnoarchaeology, culture difference and similarities. He has conducted long-term ethnographic fieldwork in China and Britain.

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