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“Alive in the Archive: Ambivalence, Assemblage, Animation" Lecture by Patricia Spyer

  • Silver Center for Arts & Science Rm. 301 100 Washington Square East (map)

In the uncertain early 2000s when violence between Muslims and Christians racked Maluku on Indonesia’s eastern outskirts, Pentecostal ministers launched an iconoclastic attack on the headhunter portraits and warlord statues of Seram Island’s culture museum. The presentation explores the clash between distinct regimes of revelation intrinsic to museum and pentecostalism alike as the juncture at which a contested past became animated, gaining purchase on the present. This caused a ‘crisis of faith’ for the museum director, and left broken statues in its wake. Specifically, The Graduate Institute Geneva's Dr. Patricia Spyer consider the constellation of desires, forces, materialities, and ontological instabilities.

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Hosted by NYU Center for Religion and Media.