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Indonesia's Upcoming Local and National Elections: Do the Islamists play a Role?

Indonesia will hold local executive elections in 171 territories in June 2018, and national legislative and presidential elections in April 2019. One of the big uncertainties in these upcoming polls is the role of Islamists. While they successfully mobilized in 2016 and 2017 to decide the Jakarta gubernatorial elections in their favour, will they be able replicate this success in other areas and at the national level? This seminar will draw from the presenter's recent visits to several Indonesian provinces that will hold local elections, and from polling data at the national level.

Marcus Mietzner, Associate Professor at the Australian National University’s  College of Asia and the Pacific, is a leading scholar of Indonesian politics and has written touchstone books on the Indonesian military and the the struggle to build democratic politics. He writes extensively on contemporary issues, including the role of Islamist mobilization in current politics. 

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