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Religious Pluralism in Indonesia

The last twenty years have seen Indonesia navigate the rocky waters of post-authoritarian democratic rule, a.k.a. reformasi. This conference seeks to address the state of religious pluralism in the post-Suharto era (1965-1998) with case-studies from across the religious spectrum. Is the Pancasila framework working? Who’s driving the movement for inclusivist practices? And conversely, who is leading exclusivism? What is the relationship between “civil society groups” and the state? How have minorities fared so far? What challenges are they facing? These are some of the questions panelists will be attempting to answer, so to offer a multi-disciplinary perspective on the issue of religious pluralism in Indonesia. Although focused on Indonesia’s own particular realities, this workshop will be of interest to the wider scholarly community at Cornell, as we’ll touch upon issues at the core of the question of how state, citizens and organized civil society interact on the field of religious in/tolerance.

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  • Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies's Southeast Asia Program