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Indonesia’s Elections: The World’s Third Largest Democracy Votes

On April 17th, Indonesia will choose between incumbent Joko Widodo (widely known as Jokowi) and challenger Prabowo Subianto for the presidency. Simultaneously, Indonesian voters will choose representatives to its national and regional Parliaments. Jokowi’s victory in the last election was accompanied by optimism for change and prosperity — he is the first president to not have come from the military or the political elite. President Jokowi has successfully jump-started massive national infrastructure projects with tangible results, and a national health insurance plan. Yet, critics will point to his handling of the economy, human rights, and religious intolerance. On foreign policy, Jokowi has taken a more assertive position on Indonesia’s maritime borders — specifically involving the Natuna Islands in the South China Sea — and expressed his desire for Indonesia to shape the Indo-Pacific region as a maritime country.

Join us for a conversation with Ambassador Cameron Hume, Chairman of the American Indonesian Chamber of Commerce’s Executive Committee, the Hon. Mari Pangetsu, former Minister of Trade of Indonesia, and Dr. Robert Hefner, Professor of Global Affairs and Anthropology at Boston University, on the results of the election, and what the future holds for the country, its economy, and the Indo-Pacific region.

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