The New York Southeast Asia Network (NYSEAN) is a virtual and actual community of scholars, students, journalists, and policymakers devoted to putting Southeast Asia into the global conversation and inspiring the next generation of scholars and leaders.

NYSEAN’s vision is supporting dynamic and informed public and policy discussions about Southeast Asia and U.S.-Southeast Asian relations, with a special focus on the greater New York and tri-state region.

Our mission is to promote research on, discussion about, and awareness of, Southeast Asia and U.S. Southeast Asian-relations through collaboration among academics, artists, policymakers and other professionals working in the greater New York and tri-state area and in the region.

We aim to achieve this mission through:

· as a virtual hub of a network of individual members, organizational partners, and others who support our mission to feature events, opportunities, and resources aimed at expanding discussion on and teaching about Southeast Asia and U.S. Southeast-Asian relations.

·    supporting conferences, small workshops, panel discussions, seminars, exhibitions, art installations and performances that address historical or contemporary issues in Southeast Asia and/or U.S.-Southeast Asia relations.